Building an Ikea Lack enclosure for Creality Ender 3

I started with printing the parts from Threedee_Bus_Driver’s Thingiverse submission with Hobbyking’s red PLA.

Most of the finished parts.

I had already assembled one of the lack tables, so this time I just put correct corner pieces to right corners when attaching the legs to the table.

After that it was time to test fit the tables top of each other and mark the corners so I know where to screw the leg holders.

I drilled the holes bigger with a 3.5mm drill bit so the screws would fit better and they wouldn’t break the plastic. After this I just screwed the four corner pieces in place and did another test fitting to see if everything lines up. At this stage I also measured how large plexi glass windows I would need and ordered them.

Next I flipped the top table and installed Ikea Ledberg 24V led lights. I soldered wires between the leds, and ended up with a little too long wires but that doesn’t bother me personally. I just need to attach those wires to the table so it looks clean.

I used the original spool holder from the Ender 3, attached it with two screws to the printed spool holder base. Base has a lock that is attached with two screws to the table.

First test with the printer at the right place. I noticed that the Z rod hits the bottom of the upper table, so I need to print more parts that go between the leg and table.

Drilled a 10mm hole for the filament tube to go through the lack table. There is a short piece of bowden tube guiding the filament trough the printed part.

Since the Z rod hit the bottom of the the 2nd table, I needed to print more pieces to raise the table by 2cm.

I had to alter the original door parts to fit my round magnets, which I already had laying around. I also flipped the door side part so the magnet is between plexi glass and the plastic. My magnets are N52, so I felt they were too strong to have them sit side by side. I also used double sided tape to mount these to plexi glass and table.

It took a few days for the plexi glass to arrive, I ordered them cut to size from So it was just screwing the correct pieces to correct legs. I might have used short screws, but it seems to be fine.

Time to install the handle for the removable plexi glass, which is on the left side of the enclosure. Double sided tape, like mentioned before.

The front door panel was a bit too tall, my mistake on measuring it. So I have to cut very small pieces from the two corners to make it fit to the swings, then attach the handle and then it’s done.

Final result without the front door.

Discord + mIRCStats = StatsBot

I have migrated from IRC to various Discords these days and started to wonder if I still have any use for the mIRCStats license I bought years ago. Turns out, I do. I found a nifty little Discord bot on GitHub called StatBot, by MJHeijster. It saves Discord logs to a format that can be parsed by mIRCStats. You can do individual channels, or whole server if you want to. Or you can keep the bot at a rank that doesn’t have access to all channels, if you want to keep some discussions private.

I run the bot on a Windows Server 2012 R2, just so it isn’t tied up to my own uptime. Obviously you can just run it on a normal Windows PC as well. I have set scheduled tasks to run mIRCStats every hour and then move the necessary files over with pscp to my Ubuntu server. The results can be found on It works fantastically!

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OnePlus One – Invites and things

During the springtime I managed to break my Galaxy S3’s glass for the 2nd time. I had replaced it once, but the new replaced glass didn’t like the fall when the phone fell from my pocket to an asphalt. Soon after that I started looking for a new phone and came across OnePlus One, new cheap smartphone from China. Only problem was it was sold only for people who had invites.

OnePlus had their “Smash the Past” campaign, which I missed because I had no need for a new phone then. They were just starting to give out invites to the winners of that competition and I signed up for the invite sharing list on Reddit. I was on place 1700 something, so getting a phone from this list was a long way and it would still be. Then, I found the Finnish invite list on OnePlus’ own forums and I signed up on it too. I was on place 700 something, and then the day came when they started slowly giving out invites.

Slowly, I waited my way to around 250 place. While I was waiting I took part in many invite giveways on Twitter, Google+ and Youtube, but I wasn’t lucky enough to get one. But then on one day I was idling at ##OnePlusOne IRC channel on Freenode network and person called juliank was kind enough to give me an invite. Thank you for that.

I saw that people were selling the invites, which seems little silly to me: you pay for an invite so you can pay more and buy the phone. Oh well, I guess people can’t wait to get their invites for free. Now I’m waiting for the phone to arrive and then I can retire my somewhat broken Galaxy S3 for good.

Kokemuksia FM-lähettimestä RDS –toiminnolla

Kyseessä siis tuote

Lähetintä ostaessani löysin vain yhden ketjun kyseisestä laitteesta, jossa sanottiin, että äänenlaatu on huono. Itse olen nyt käyttänyt lähetintä parin viikon ajan enkä ole huomannut mitään ongelmia äänenlaadun kanssa. Toistettavat kappaleet ovat olleet 320kbps tai V0-laadulla. Lähettimen omaa äänenvoimakkuutta ei paljon tarvinnut säädellä, eikä sillä kyllä ollut mitään vaikutusta äänenlaatuun.

Kansioiden selaus ei ole kovin kätevää lähettimen omalta näytöltä, mutta kyllä se asiansa ajaa. Kyseinen lähetin jatkaa samasta kappaleesta mikä soi silloin kun autosta katkeaa virta. Random-toisto näyttää toistavan vain saman kansion sisältä kappaleita eikä pompi kansioiden välillä, mikä on hyvä jos musiikit on jaoteltu esim. sinun omat musiikit omassa kansiossa muistitikun juuressa ja vaimon kappaleet toisessa kansiossa. has changed homes

My site has changed home. The site was hosted on a Debian server located in Germany. Currently it is run on Ubuntu Server, which is ran on OpenStack cloud at Espoo, Finland. In a couple of months, it will move homes again, this time to Kajaani, Finland.

This change of locations has brought new features, DarkPad, an EtherPad open for everyone to use. Another new feature is a SSL certificate from StartSSL. It is accepted by browsers, so it’s much better than self-signed certificate.

WordPress favicon picker By Clorith


Insert favicons on you WordPress site

So, why should you use this plugin over the dozens of other favicon plugins?

One simple answer; favicon.ico

So far, what I’ve found is that all plugins that handle favicons for users all follow the same approach of inserting a link tag in the head section of your site.
I take a slightly different approach, I still do the head tag (Requires your theme make use of the wp_head() function), but I also add rewrite rules to your site.

“What do the rewrite rules do for me, and why is this so full of awesome ?!” I hear you asking?

All browsers today will be going for a favicon.ico file on your site when they visit it, in my instance, they would be hitting, in many cases this will just end in a server error log filled with “404 Not Found” requests for the file, as there is no such file by default.

This means you need to manually upload a favicon.ico file to the root of your WordPress directory, or had to at least. Not all users have this ability, they may be on a hosted solution, they may not feel familiar with FTP clients or similar, or any other reason you can think of that would sound pretty good in a sales pitch.

By simplifying this, with a single input field where you enter the path to your image (or hit the upload button and pick it form the media library/upload a new one!).


For the head tag, your theme must use the wp_head() function

For the rewrites, your server must have mod_rewrite enabled (most servers have this these days, but check with your hosting provider if you are unsure)

Download mRSTK favicon picker

I have moved to CloudFlare

I had been using FreeDNS. I liked how they were offering a free DNS service. Of course it being free, there was a downside. You had to share your domain with other users. Basically if somebody wanted to create a subdomain on your domain, you would have to allow it. This made me little worried, but I still used it. The thing that made me change to CloudFlare was FREEDNS’ recent hardware problems, which made my site unavailable. So far CloudFlare seems to be offering much better service and I hope that they live up their promises.

Bottom line is, I don’t recommend FreeDNS to anyone, since there are better services out there that do the job without you having to share your own domain to other people.