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Insert favicons on you WordPress site

So, why should you use this plugin over the dozens of other favicon plugins?

One simple answer; favicon.ico

So far, what I’ve found is that all plugins that handle favicons for users all follow the same approach of inserting a link tag in the head section of your site.
I take a slightly different approach, I still do the head tag (Requires your theme make use of the wp_head() function), but I also add rewrite rules to your site.

“What do the rewrite rules do for me, and why is this so full of awesome ?!” I hear you asking?

All browsers today will be going for a favicon.ico file on your site when they visit it, in my instance, they would be hitting www.mrstk.net/favicon.ico, in many cases this will just end in a server error log filled with “404 Not Found” requests for the file, as there is no such file by default.

This means you need to manually upload a favicon.ico file to the root of your WordPress directory, or had to at least. Not all users have this ability, they may be on a hosted solution, they may not feel familiar with FTP clients or similar, or any other reason you can think of that would sound pretty good in a sales pitch.

By simplifying this, with a single input field where you enter the path to your image (or hit the upload button and pick it form the media library/upload a new one!).


For the head tag, your theme must use the wp_head() function

For the rewrites, your server must have mod_rewrite enabled (most servers have this these days, but check with your hosting provider if you are unsure)

Download mRSTK favicon picker

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