OnePlus One – Invites and things

During the springtime I managed to break my Galaxy S3’s glass for the 2nd time. I had replaced it once, but the new replaced glass didn’t like the fall when the phone fell from my pocket to an asphalt. Soon after that I started looking for a new phone and came across OnePlus One, new cheap smartphone from China. Only problem was it was sold only for people who had invites.

OnePlus had their “Smash the Past” campaign, which I missed because I had no need for a new phone then. They were just starting to give out invites to the winners of that competition and I signed up for the invite sharing list on Reddit. I was on place 1700 something, so getting a phone from this list was a long way and it would still be. Then, I found the Finnish invite list on OnePlus’ own forums and I signed up on it too. I was on place 700 something, and then the day came when they started slowly giving out invites.

Slowly, I waited my way to around 250 place. While I was waiting I took part in many invite giveways on Twitter, Google+ and Youtube, but I wasn’t lucky enough to get one. But then on one day I was idling at ##OnePlusOne IRC channel on Freenode network and person called juliank was kind enough to give me an invite. Thank you for that.

I saw that people were selling the invites, which seems little silly to me: you pay for an invite so you can pay more and buy the phone. Oh well, I guess people can’t wait to get their invites for free. Now I’m waiting for the phone to arrive and then I can retire my somewhat broken Galaxy S3 for good.

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