Dropbox vs Google Drive

I was wondering if I should move from Dropbox to Google Drive. One day later I installed Drive application on my PC and I noticed Google Docs apps on my android phone was updated to Drive app. It gave me instant access to the files I already had in my docs account, which is good.

Dropbox has Public folder, where you can share documents, images and other files to your friends easily. Google Drive lacks this kind easy ”right click file -> copy public link” feature. This alone will make me stay with Dropbox, for now. Who knows if they implement such feature in the future.

CA ARCserve and No Compute Resource Found On Specified Host

I was running CA ARCserve r16 on virtual Windows Server 2008 R2 machine. The environment it was running in had 3 physical VMware ESXi hosts and all of these were controlled by a single VMware vCenter server.

I had created a new virtual machine on one of the hosts so I could test backing up and restoring with ARCserve. When it came time to test to restore the whole virtual machine from the backup I had made earlier, I encountered this weird problem. Googling the error message didn’t help, because nobody had encountered it before. ARCserve had created an entry in the error log saying ”CreateVM Failed with error msg – ”Err_code: -133 CreateVM: Exception Raised – No Compute Resource Found On Specified Host. ”.

This problem made me stumped and I tried several things to solve it. The solution was so simple. I was trying to restore the virtual machine to VMware vCenter’s server. For some reason vCenter didn’t know how to rely the request to one of the ESXi hosts, so the solution was to change the IP-address to point directly to ESXi host. I’m not saying this is the correct way to do things, but it solved the problem for me.

Ice Cream Sandwich on Asus Transformer

I bought my Asus Transformer TF101 on August 14th. It was running Android 3.2 aka Honeycomb. I had used Android before, so using the Honeycomb version of Android wasn’t that much different to Gingerbread. I had waited for Asus to release Ice Cream Sandwich for their TF101 model. Transformer Prime got it earlier, but the owners of TF101 had to wait for Google approval process to end. Well, enough of that now, because this post was supposed to be about my user experience of ICS on TF101.

My first thought about ICS on a first boot was ”Blimey this looks fantastic”. I looked around a bit in the menus and saw that the menus look a little different. Things had changed places, icons had been changed. It felt faster than it did before the update, which was a really good thing. The next thing I noticed was that the X’s on a single notifications had disappeared and there was a single X where you could clear all notifications. This seemed like a bad thing, but I tend to forgot that you can swipe the notification to clear it off. So no complaints there either, just my own forgetfulness. ICS has also added the smaller setting buttons in the notification bar. You can set WiFi off or on, disable bluetooth from there and so on. Honeycomb didn’t have this, so it is a nice addition to almost perfect tablet OS. The other new thing I like in this OS is the Data Usage. It shows how much data different applications use. I like to see how much data I use on different things. I didn’t miss this feature in Honeycomb, because I couldn’t even think that something like this could exist by default in tablet operating system.

I have moved to CloudFlare

I had been using FreeDNS. I liked how they were offering a free DNS service. Of course it being free, there was a downside. You had to share your domain with other users. Basically if somebody wanted to create a subdomain on your domain, you would have to allow it. This made me little worried, but I still used it. The thing that made me change to CloudFlare was FREEDNS’ recent hardware problems, which made my site unavailable. So far CloudFlare seems to be offering much better service and I hope that they live up their promises.

Bottom line is, I don’t recommend FreeDNS to anyone, since there are better services out there that do the job without you having to share your own domain to other people.

Me and Dropbox

I have been using Dropbox since 2009, so I’m no stranger to it. I am using it to share random files and screenshots with friends, but there is one thing that bugs me when it comes to Dropbox. There is no internal way to see how many people have clicked the public link to a file hosted on my Dropbox account. I know you can use URL-shortener to see how many times a link has been accessed. Even though there isn’t a feature like this implemented in Dropbox, I’m not going to stop using it, but it would be great tool to have. I’m a fan of stats.

While I’m on the subject, it’s good to have it added for Playstation 3. I like this addition and most likely I will use it a lot when I need to move files from my laptop to my PS3. I have also linked my Android tablet, Asus Transformer and my cellphone, ZTE Blade to my Dropbox so I can easily move files between them. It’s so easy to move pictures taken with cellphone to Dropbox so I can share them instantly with my friends. Dropbox introduced a new instant upload feature in their new Android app, which I like. They are going to right direction with the features!

Checklist for formatting your computer

I’m sure there are lists like this on the Internet already, but I wanted to create my own list and publish it.

Things you want probably to back up:

  • Digital photos, remember to check all user profiles if you have multiple profiles on your computer
  • Recorded videos
  • Special hardware drivers, in case if your Windows/Linux can’t find them automatically
  • Downloaded files, I keep all downloaded files in C:\Zipit so I would just back up that folder
  • Possible music files from My Music folder, or somewhere else similar folder
  • .torrent files. If you are µTorrent user, it saves .torrent files to Application Data folder if you haven’t specified the folder in µTorrent settings.

I personally like to copy the following to a safe place to save time when I’m reinstalling everything back.

  • Different program settings. This is so you don’t have to waste time reconfiguring all programs again
  • Scripts for mIRC. I’m an active user of this program so this saves me time of trying to recode all of my scripts again
  • Browser bookmarks. I’m using Opera Link so it will automatically sync my bookmarks to fresh install of Opera browser

Could not determine your IP address on Invision Power Board

If you encounter ”Could not determine your IP address” error message after installing Invision Power Board on your localhost or shared hosting and you don’t know what to do, continue reading.

Open up a file called ipsRegistry.php at *IPB rootdirectory*/admin/sources/base/ipsRegistry.php. Search the error message and you will see the following code

// Make sure we take a valid IP address

if ( ( ! self::instance()->ip_address OR self::instance()->ip_address == ’…’ ) AND ! isset( $_SERVER[’SHELL’] ) AND $_SERVER[’SESSIONNAME’] != ’Console’ )
print ”Could not determine your IP address”;

Now comment that code out and you will be able to access your new forums.

You might also get this same error when you try to update your IPB forum installation. You can use the same trick and comment out the same code at ipsRegistry_setup.php. The path for this is *IPB rootdirectory*/admin/setup/sources/base/ipsRegistry_setup.php

If this helps, please leave a comment so I know 🙂

Laptop randomly bluescreening

My laptop has been suffering from random BSODs lately and I, as any normal computer user, would want to get them fixed. Windows created dump files from these bluescreens, so I had to use Google to find a program that can open .DMP files. I found this guide and it had a link to .iso image download of Debugging Tools For Windows on Microsoft’s download site. That disk image had a program called WinDbg and I used that to open the DMP files. Both memory dumps had ”VISTA_DRIVER_FAULT” written in them. That pointed me towards drivers that might be either out-dated or corrupt. After this I remembered that i had VLC open when these bluescreens happened. This lead me to believe either my sound or graphics card drivers are bad. I updated ATI drivers and re-installed sound drivers. I’m hoping this solves my problems.

My laptop specs are following:
Windows 7 Professional 64bit SP1
Laptop model: HP Pavilion DV7-3013eo