CA ARCserve and No Compute Resource Found On Specified Host

I was running CA ARCserve r16 on virtual Windows Server 2008 R2 machine. The environment it was running in had 3 physical VMware ESXi hosts and all of these were controlled by a single VMware vCenter server.

I had created a new virtual machine on one of the hosts so I could test backing up and restoring with ARCserve. When it came time to test to restore the whole virtual machine from the backup I had made earlier, I encountered this weird problem. Googling the error message didn’t help, because nobody had encountered it before. ARCserve had created an entry in the error log saying “CreateVM Failed with error msg – “Err_code: -133 CreateVM: Exception Raised – No Compute Resource Found On Specified Host. “.

This problem made me stumped and I tried several things to solve it. The solution was so simple. I was trying to restore the virtual machine to VMware vCenter’s server. For some reason vCenter didn’t know how to rely the request to one of the ESXi hosts, so the solution was to change the IP-address to point directly to ESXi host. I’m not saying this is the correct way to do things, but it solved the problem for me.

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