Netgear Universal WiFi Adapter (WNCE2001)

I have had a problem with my Playstation 3 and wireless, even though the Playstation and my wireless modem are in the same room, the connection has always been slow. Plus the Playstation doesn’t support Wireless N-standard, but my modem does. I had been looking for a device like this for some time on Amazon UK, but the offering wasn’t good, or I didn’t find them with the terms I used. Whenever I found something, the seller didn’t ship to Finland. Thankfully I managed to find this in one of the stores here in Finland.

Netgear makes it very easy to set up. There is a guide with instructions and the support for Wi-Fi Protected Setup is there too. I wasn’t sure if my modem had the support for Wi-Fi Protected Setup, so I chose to do the configuration manually in browser. It was a one minute job, and very easy. After configuration, you simply plug the network cable from this adapter to Playstation and power it up.

What about speed and reliability? I have used this for little under a month and download speeds on my Playstation have grown significantly. Only once it has started to act up by my Playstation 3 showing “internet cable unplugged” message, but it was only because the adapter was right next to Playstation in small space that gets heated by the Playstation.

I also watch movies and tv-shows from my laptop with PS3 Media Server. Before I had to reduce the quality because the wireless was slow and couldn’t keep up with the bandwidth required for the stream, but now I don’t have to worry about that. I can get good quality HD over WiFi and the only problem is whether my laptop can encode the stream fast enough, but for now it can handle it.

Overall, it was well worth the money.