Parrot A.R Drone 2.0 Power Edition

I recently got myself a drone. I got interested in them after taking part of sweepstakes where you could win DJI Phantom 2 drone, but I missed my chances.

Below is the video of me doing my first outdoor flight with my drone. I had too steep angle, so my drone went too fast for the first time. That’s why the video is quite bumpy.

After this video, I ordered a sports cross from Kyle has good selection of mods, spare parts and such. While I was installing it, I also balanced and straightened my props. Before this there was small amount of “jello effect” on the videos it recorded, but after balancing it’s all gone. I’m very happy about this. Kyle did a tutorial with hairdryer, but since I didn’t have that I used a heat gun. I had to be careful because too much heat could melt the plastic propellers.

Below is a picture of my drone after I had finished the sports cross install and put it all back together. I’m very happy about the drone and think Parrot has done marvelous job with creating a device that is fully repairable and modifiable.